Covid Vaccine update April 2022

January 27th 2022 was our last Covid vaccine clinic at Porter Brook Medical Centre. Since we started delivering vaccines there over a year ago with our colleagues from Devonshire Green, Porter Brook, Harold Street and Clover City Practices we have administered a total of 23,635 doses. It has been a huge, collective effort and we would like to thank all the volunteers and staff who worked so hard to make this possible. We really enjoyed meeting so many of our patients and we’d like to thank you for your kind words and support (and for your patience if you had to wait in a queue).


If you have not had your first, second or booster covid vaccine you can access them in the following three ways:

National Booking Service

or attend a walk-in clinic

or by calling 119.

For patients who are eligible for the spring booster (i.e. people aged 75 years old and over, plus people aged 12 years old and over with a weakened immune system), we will be visiting the care homes we look after shortly to administer the vaccines to our patients and also we will be offering the spring booster to our housebound patients as soon as we can. Please bear with us as this will take some time. For any other patients please book in using one of the three options above when you are eligible.